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We dream of a better world.

From a single bouquet to the biggest wedding, every petal makes a difference. Together, we're using flowers to advance causes of justice & charity in our community.

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This year was tough, but it reinforced our values & resolve to do more. We rallied resources to support healthcare, justice, democracy, and much more.

We reached a huge all-time milestone this year












In all time donations

Here's a look back at some of the amazing things we accomplished this year.

January - February

Chapter 1

We opened in Detroit.

Our third market after Chicago & Milwaukee. In our opening week, we received over 200 nominations for local charity partners and selected Children's Foundation of Michigan as our inaugural Detroit charity.

Visit 1435 Farmer St (behind Shinola Hotel)
$1,361 to Children's Foundation from our launch.

Chapter 2

We stayed Milwaukee Strong

We spoke out with flowers & design after the horrific shooting at Miller Coors in Milwaukee. Our marketing director Lindsay Leinenkugel created a viral graphic to express solidarity.

Shared by Miller Coors, Christian Yelich, and the Milwaukee Brewers

March - April

Chapter 3

We designed bouquets for healthcare workers.

The pandemic shut our doors, but it couldn't stop us from helping our community. We sold bouquets to bring smiles & levity to frontline workers.

679 petite bouquets delivered in two weeks.

Chapter 4

We created a workers cash assistance fund.

In the shutdown, we raised money for out-of-work staff including over 200 gift cards with 100% of proceeds to two dozen of our most affected part-time workers quarantined at home.

Over $12,000 in disbursements during the shutdown.

Chapter 5

We pivoted to virtual workshops.

Our most popular onsite workshops went virtual. We turned each experience into a shippable kit, so we could design beautiful products with you through Zoom.

Over 5,000 virtual workshop guests on Zoom in 2020.
We raised $10,781 for environmental nonprofits in April.

May - June

Chapter 6

Our flower truck funded mental health.

In a record-setting May on the flower truck, we sold 949 bouquets and plants and helped raise over $10,000 for incredible mental health nonprofits.

$11,672 raised for Hope for the Day and $1,406 for Mental Health of America

Chapter 7

We turned words into action with Black Lives Matter.

To show our solidarity, we marched. We cleaned up. We erected peaceful floral installations. We distributed hundreds of free bouquets in communities like Englewood Chicago, River West Milwaukee, and we committed to doing more inside our company.

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July - August

Chapter 8

We helped launch Austin Harvest Market.

We acted fast when we heard 10 teens on the West Side of Chicago were raising money for an open-air produce market in place of a liquor store. We provided flowers all season and became their #1 selling product.

3,418 stems sold including low-income seniors through the State of Illinois Senior Farmers Market program.

Chapter 9

We supported the USPS.

We sold stamps in every bouquet to support our neighborhood Post Office. That weekend, we delivered dozens of free bouquets to our incredible postal workers.

Sold over 1,200 stamps in 2 days.

September - October

Chapter 10

We started shipping across the Midwest

In October we added 4 new states including Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri to receive our locally crafted bouquets via overnight shipping. Soon Ohio, too!

Nominate a Charity in IN, IA, MN, or MO
We raised $15,390 for cancer support in October.

Chapter 11

We got out the Vote.

To protect our democracy & encourage safe voting in person, we created a safe voting bundle for customers and influencers. In October, we created over 1M impressions across Instagram & Facebook to activate youth voters.

$2,660 raised for the ACLU

November - December

Chapter 12

We sold wreaths to help underserved small business.

By selling nearly 3,000 wreath workshop kits, we raised our most monthly funds ever to support micro loans for underserved and minority entrepreneurs. As well as financial literacy programming.

$18,243 donated to Accion and $1,889 donated to SecureFutures


We founded a nonprofit.

Our business has always been a force for good. Now, our nonprofit will be its force multiplier. To start 2021, we're launching a foundation to scale our giving & increase our impact.

Apply for a grant through Our Foundation

Our First Grant Recipients

Cause Logo


In these cold weather months, our Foundation is helping support creative solutions to house the homeless across the Midwest. Too many of our fellow citizens don't have shelter, housing security, or stability in this still ongoing pandemic.

We believe our frontline workers deserve more, which is why we raised our minimum wage to $15/hour.

It's not easy for small businesses like Flowers for Dreams, compared to billion dollar empires like Amazon or Walmart. But $15 is what is right. We encourage our small peers to join us.

We've committed to do what's required in our business to achieve it, and still give 1/4 of our flower profits to charity through The Flowers for Dreams Foundation.

In 2020, we arranged over a million flowers.




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Midwest Cities Served


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Virtual Workshop Kits

We are about a lot more than flowers.

At Flowers for Dreams, we believe that business should be a force for good. We're donating 25% of our net profits to an incredible group of charities through The Flowers for Dreams Foundation.

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