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Today we launch our first market outside of Chicago. A dream four years in the making. After spending the past 50 months (can’t believe it’s been that long) iterating in Chicago, perfecting our craft and quality, building out the supply chain, investing in brand, and getting the right people in place, we feel we’re ready to share Flowers for Dreams with more people in more places, impacting more nonprofits in even more communities. We chose the beautiful city of Milwaukee for a few simple reasons. First, logistics. It’s the closest geographically. We’ve built our brand on the principle that we’d control the whole process, own our whole margin, and thus offer a level of quality control rarely seen in the floral industry. From nearby sourcing to in-house design and hand delivery, we can leverage everything we’ve built in Chicago to offer the same amazing flower delivery experience to our Wisconsin neighbors. Second, culture. I went to school in Wisconsin (go badgers!) and much like Illinois, the dairy state is known for its down to earth “Midwest nice” persona - people who care about fairness and quality over expediency and price. We feel our values are closely aligned. Third, quality. We’re not interested in scale at the peril of authenticity and product integrity. We want to prioritize the things that have made us successful here. A commitment to made-to-order flower bouquets, hand delivery, local vendors, regional farms, and charities we can see and touch. All of which can still be done in Milwaukee without compromise. It’s a big step for our young company. We’ll need to count on more of your support and orders to make it successful. But we know you’ll be there for us, and we you. Thanks for believing.
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