Meet Our Farmers

We’ve traveled across the midwest to source beautiful, sustainable, and seasonal blooms from a variety of local growers and regional wholesalers.

Midwest Flower Farmers
Illinois Flower Farmers
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Bridge and Bloom Farms

Chicago, Illinois
Established in South Chicago in 2021, Danika & Kathleen operate this 1/8 acre urban farm with Windy City Harvest, a non-profit organization under the Chicago Botanic Garden.

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Clara Joyce

Stockton, Illinois
Established in 2016, Drew runs a specialty cut flower farm emphasizing fresh and dried specialty flowers in the rolling hills of Jo Daviess County, Illinois.

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Forget Me Not Farms

Chicago, Illinois
Located just north of the Ohio/Michigan state line, Lindsay started with one row of sunflowers. Now, they have greenhouses brimming with breathtaking flowers.

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Chicago, Illinois
May and Adam created Gardeneers after seeing the food inequity and garden desserts in the south side of Chicago. Now they teach 2,000 students how to grow.

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Peony Hill Farm

Harrisburg, Illinois
Located outside of Harrisburg, the Gateway to the Shawnee National Forest, Peony Hill Farm is the home to 12 acres of peonies since 1995.

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Roof Crop

Chicago, Illinois
Launched on a rooftop in 2015, the Roof Crop is one of our original farm partners and neighbors in West Town. Now growing blooms across 13 buildings in Chicago.

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Schlachter Farm Flowers

Lena, Illinois
Annie, Matt, and Scarlett are the cutest family of flower farmers! Located besided a grain farm in the middle of Illinois.

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Michigan Flower Farmers
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Bellaterra Floral Farm

Saline, Michigan
Beth runs a quaint one-acre farm in Ann Arbor using regenerative farming and lots of blooms. We buy her flowers through the Michigan Flower Grower's Co-op.

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Foxtail Flower Farm

Brooklyn, Michigan
Abie started Foxtail in 2016 and now specializes in late summer Dahlias. We buy her flowers through the Michigan Flower Grower's Co-op.

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Seely Farm

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mark & Alex own this homestead flower farm in Ann Arbor. We buy their flowers through the Michigan Flower Grower's Co-op.

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Villekulla Flora

Detroit, Michigan
A small urban farm in the heart of Detroit, selling sustainable blooms of all varieties. We buy their flowers through the Michigan Flower Grower's Co-op.

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Wisconsin Flower Farmers
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Kennicott Kuts

Norway, Wisconsin
The Kennicott family's first farm “The Grove” was established in 1836. Today, their famous peonies are sold throughout the Midwest.

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Running Hills Farm

Horeb, Wisconsin
55 acre of bliss with a half acre vineyard outside Madison with showstopping lisianthus and other locally grown blooms.

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Star Valley

Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin
The largest flower farm in the Midwest. Tucked away in the driftless hills of northern Wisconsin, one of our original farm partners John serves the entire Great Lakes region.

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Stoney Point Farm

Gay Mills, Wisconsin
Family owned and operated, their beautiful blooms are grown along the Mississippi River without pesticides or complex irrigation.

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